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CARE-ing for your Business

consult_serviceThe bottom line: planning upfront can save you money and enhance performance.  Projects with a well-planned approach are much less likely to need costly enhancements down the road. We put that belief into action everyday through 4CTechnologies’ proprietary and time-tested process called CARE.

Our Process

The 5-step CARE Process is the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients.  It helps companies maximize their IT investment through risk management, efficient development, and quick implementation. This methodology helps companies benefit from alignment of business, technology, and rapid organization acceptance.  While the CARE Process itself is 5 distinct phases, our philosophy is represented throughout each stage as we work to:


clients on existing product functionality, leading technologies, and manufacturer awareness to identify areas of opportunity and increased operational benefits.


the everyday challenges and opportunities our clients are experiencing, at the same time suggesting comprehensive solutions.


“vendor neutral” solutions that are driven by our clients’ business strategy and goals, critical success criteria, performance, and value.


that the solution implemented is affordable, scalable, customizable, predictable, and creates measurable business value and return on investment.

Throughout the lifecycle of each initiative under our process, you will receive detailed support documentation on activities, estimates and findings, as well as a recommended course of action.  As a result, you remain thoroughly involved in the process, confident of what to expect and able to plan accordingly.

The 5 distinct phases of the CARE Process are:

Discovery Phase:

The primary goal of the Discovery Phase is to document and understand the business function of the organization.  This includes a general understanding of the product or service and the process by which it is delivered to customers.  The secondary goal is to gather and document information to develop an accurate and scalable design. The design should be directly related to the business objectives that have been identified during the Discovery phase.

Design Phase:

The goal of the Design Phase is to develop and document a workable design that meets the requirements found in the Discovery phase for the project. The Design phase will define the technology requirements for the objectives that were defined in the discovery phase.

Plan Phase:

The goal of the Plan Phase is to minimize implementation risks, establish client expectations and establish factors to complete the project on schedule and within budget.

Implementation Phase:

The goal of the Implementation Phase is to use 4CTechnologies’ resources to produce agreed-upon results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Support Phase:

The goal of the Support Phase is to use appropriate tools, training, and resources to provide ongoing support of the system in a manner consistent with established business goals and support requirements.

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