Title GIS Data Analyst / Consultant
Job Information

As an experienced GIS analyst and consultant, you will be working directly with the Principal Consultant for 4CGeoWorks.  This work requires a bachelor’s degree and at least 4 years of experience in GIS.  The individual in this role will perform data entry, spreadsheet calculations, and GIS analysis using Esri ArcGIS. The analyst will deliver solutions based on internal and external requests.  Broad-based tasks include estimating, planning, and delivering data, maps, and reports.

As an analyst, you will use GIS techniques to provide a better understanding of business opportunities in a given geographic location. This may include site selection techniques, competitive analysis, customer profiling, demographic analysis, business demand and supply calculations, as well as the analysis of territory alignment for franchisees or sales operations.  You will extract data from the Esri Business Analyst software and use varying analysis methods to arrive at recommendations for how businesses can improve sales or operational efficiency. You may also be involved in data collection and data entry tasks to collect data from other sources. You will create maps and data sets for clients to document and visualize the analysis.

You will collaborate with a multitude of clients in a wide variety of industries.  You will be working with other 4C team members in an open and empowered office environment and will be responsible for completing project tasks on a multitude of projects.  You will manage your time in accordance with project milestones, deadlines, budgets, best practices, and a quality / delivery methodology.

This position offers an attractive salary and benefits package in a welcoming office setting — an environment where your initiative, team work, flexibility and multi-tasking capabilities are encouraged.  Not only do we “work hard”, but we strive to “work smart”.  We believe in going “above and beyond” to ensure that our clients are happy with our work.  At the same time, we believe in fostering a team environment where professionals take time both during and after work to “play” together.


GIS Skills:

  • Extract data for analysis and interpretation, including international business data
  • Perform validation queries to ensure data quality and integrity
  • Geocode data using ArcGIS as well as other resources
  • Know how to create an address locator and a composite address locator to create a point map layer when full address data is not available
  • Understand how to do demographic analysis and learn how data sources and aggregation methods effect the quality of the results
  • Create and analyze trade areas for specific locations using a wide variety of techniques including but not limited to rings (buffers), drive time areas, customer derived areas and sales derived areas
  • Analyze market areas using standard geographic boundaries, trade areas, and equal areas such as grids or hexagons (hot spots)
  • Know how to do table joins, selection queries, and geoprocessing
  • Create high quality maps with visually pleasing colors, line weights and labels. Be able to use standard layouts as well as create new layouts as necessary
  • Use layer files (.lyr) and style files (.style) to create consistent and efficient map symbols, labels, and legends
  • Use the Data Driven Pages toolbar to automate the process of creating thousands of maps in a single process
  • Export data from GIS to Excel and Access and be able to format the data in a table format within Excel using filters
  • Use ModelBuilder to automate GIS processes
  • Load data into ArcGIS Online and configure mapping applications for non-GIS professionals
  • Use Microsoft Power BI with ArcGIS Online to create dashboards for an interactive user experience.

Office Skills:

  • Import and export data using a database
  • Identify correlations in data variables, calculate summary statistics to describe data, create pivot tables to summarize data, and use the “vlookup” function in Microsoft Excel to join tables and integrate data
  • Use and/or learn other functions in Excel to calculate text and numeric values
  • Create visually pleasing charts using Excel
  • Create and edit client reports in Microsoft Word
  • Write technical and support documentation using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Prepare presentation slides using PowerPoint

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Strong problem solving and reasoning ability
  • Ability to relate and respond to client’s needs and translate business requirements into technical solutions with minimal supervision
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Superior proficiency in ArcGIS and MS Office Suite of products
  • Experience working with GIS design and development processes, including specification, documentation and quality assurance is a plus
  • Work experience in applying GIS to commercial business applications for retail, real estate, banking, insurance, healthcare, or other commercial market sectors is highly preferable. Experience in using ModelBuilder and creating Python scripts is very beneficial
  • Experience with creating macros in Excel is not required, but a willingness to learn this would be helpful
  • Experience with Microsoft Power BI is desired. Experience with Tableau or another BI solution is not necessary, but it would provide a good background for learning Power BI


  • Bachelor’s Degree in GIS or a related degree.
  • 4 years of GIS experience
  • Professional work and/or character references helpful

NOTE:  This job description does not constitute a contract of employment nor is it all inclusive of the tasks associated with the performance of this job.

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