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customAppDev_serviceIf you can’t find an “out of the box” solution that meets at least 95% of your business needs, you should carefully consider the benefits of custom application development and software engineering to meet your goals.  Custom application development can help companies with a clear vision for the future achieve a healthy return on investment, drive opportunities, and increase efficiency.

There are a lot of questions to consider when pursuing custom technology solutions.  Are custom applications worth the expense? When should a business develop its own software? How do you evaluate the “pros and cons” of different options?

This decision will impact every aspect of your business, so take into consideration the following factors:

Industry Focus


Depending on your industry, certain business processes (such as accounting and invoicing) are common enough that prepackaged software solutions are usually able to meet the majority of a buyer’s needs.  It is important to identify and understand your business requirements, however.  If you are going to buy software, make sure it is reflective of and aligns closely with your industry, your company goals, and sets you up for growth in the future.

Available Software


Carefully evaluate the software options available.  If current software satisfies all of your business requirements, go for it!  We have seen typically, however, that most software purchases meet only 60-65% of a company’s needs.

The lesson is to be realistic and objective, and decide if you want to be in control of the architecture.  And realize that even if you do end up buying, you may find that it still requires a surprising amount of development to get it to satisfy your company needs.


Return on Investment (ROI)
roiIconDevelopment tools have become more powerful and easier to use.  A more
competitive pricing environment, due to offshore projects, may drive the cost down domestically.

On the flip side, buying “off the shelf” can save about one-third to one-half the price of a software solution.  In the end though, it’s all about what brings in the most profit for your business.  It is best to begin your evaluation and conceptual approach with a simple, but comprehensive, ROI analysis.

Your Teammates

teamIconWhen you buy software off the shelf, “help” comes in the form of an 800-number or email, which may not have someone available to help you.  Your company may also be charged for tech support.  When you build custom applications, you know the support staff on the other end of the line.  You can rely on quick and personal help at every stage, to help keep your application and your business running smoothly.

Existing Systems

appdev_platformOften times, the question is not how to build software, but how to connect existing systems. The cost of software and hardware incompatibility is rapidly increasing, as companies find themselves with legacy server-based software applications.  These systems often perform poorly when exchanging information internally between departments and externally with clients.  This incompatibility leads to miscommunication, inefficiencies, wasteful spending, and poor performance.

4CTechnologies finds the right integration solution for your company’s needs.  Through an exhaustive executive assessment of your needs, our expert consultants will reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve your business service.

Your Platform

What is your operating system of choice?  At 4CTechnologies, our software engineers are technology agnostic. We have experience in both Microsoft and IBM platforms, as well as open source options.  We maintain a tenured IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) Team, formerly Lotus Notes and Domino, and can provide support not only for mail, calendaring, and administration, but also for application development, instant messaging, collaboration, and chat through the channel offerings which include Quickr, Sametime, XPages, and Connections. On the Microsoft .Net side of the house, our team is engaged in projects involving SharePoint and Silverlight.
We Support:

  • Lotus Notes and Domino / IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS)
  • Quickr
  • Sametime
  • XPages
  • Connections
  • SharePoint
  • Silverlight
  • And More…

Regardless of your platform choice, we will help you evaluate your project, your environment, and your expected return on investment. Your direct competition and your B2B or B2C targets will also be addressed as we pledge to build your new application utilizing our proven CARE Process.

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