Behavioral Health EHR


A behavioral Health Services agency chose to adopt an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solution in order to improve and standardize the overall quality of care throughout the agency while capturing data to allow for the assessment and implementation of continued performance enhancements.  The agency’s existing staff did not carry the expertise or experience with the translation of “paper and pen” workflows to EHR workflows – and it is not projected to need these skills on staff continuously.

Specialized Staffing Needed

Hard-copy to Electronic workflow


4C consultants – with extensive clinical and EHR experience worked hand-in-hand with the agency’s clinical and management teams to capture system requirements across varying service offerings.  The requirements were then implemented within the EHR software of choice for the Behavioral Health Services industry, documented, and formal training was delivered to agency staff.  4C staff continue to be available to support further system implementation activities and the development of customized reports as needed.


Improved quality of care for clients, process standardization and control ensures that care is in accordance with agency standards to all clients.

Increased efficiency throughout the agency – streamlined and documented workflows improve staff understanding of operations.

Significant reductions in paper documentation – resulting in the centralization of organizational data.

Insights into organizational performance and opportunities for improvement: aggregation of performance data enables identification of modifications to improve efficiency and performance.