Construction & Hauling: Ticketing and Timecharging System

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Offline Accessible

Offline Accessible


An aggregate hauling firm was manually creating and processing tens of thousands of paper tickets and timesheets each year.

  • Significant administrative burdens to receive, enter, and process paper forms dramatically delayed billing and payroll processes.
  • Paper based process had limited accountability- so billable tickets could be misplaced and not billed, losing revenue.
  • Lag in receipt of data prevented organization from effectively managing project performance – performance against bids could only be managed after data was processed – making it difficult to effectively manage projects and necessary scope adjustments.
  • The organization operates in an area with limited cellular network connectivity, so prior attempts at using web/mobile applications failed.
Pen and paper form delays

Pen & Paper Form Delays

Network Connection & Connectivity Problems for Field

Network Connection Problems for Field

Labor to process paper for payroll

Labor to process paper for payroll / billing: delayed cashflow and opportunity for mistakes.

Delayed receipt of data

Delayed receipt of data prevented effective contract management


4C worked with the client to design and develop a web and mobile application that provides drivers with both timeclock and ticket entry features that are available from a mobile device even without a network connection. As users regain a network connection, any new time or ticket entries automatically “sync” with the application database, making them available for action by back office staff.

All data is formatted for integration with payroll and billing systems after processing/approvals, removing data entry activities. Tickets and timesheets utilize organization specific types and codes to support job costing and reporting activities.

CS-Construction & Hauling Ticketing and Timecharging System - Tablet Screens


Eliminated manual data entry for tens of thousands of tickets per year, accelerating billing activities and improving cashflow. All tickets/timecharges are fully accounted for throughout the workflow, so no revenue is lost.

Off-line capability allows drivers to fill out tickets as part of their daily activities and does not require additional labor to support/complete electronic workflow.

Data validations ensure that tickets/timecharges meet billing and payroll requirements and systems, which further streamlines billing/payroll activities and minimizes issues with invoicing and/or pay.

Immediate availability of operational data allows for much faster overview of performance and enables associated contract management actions with clients.

Application access is extended to both internal (employees) and external (owner operators, customers) users to ensure that everyone has access to features/ functions to support their needs.

Construction & Hauling Ticketing and Timecharging - Driver Actions
Construction & Hauling Ticketing and Timecharging - Driver Actions
Construction & Hauling Ticketing and Timecharging - Admin Screens
Construction & Hauling Ticketing and Timecharging - Admin Screens