Web Application


The preparation of gift planning documentation required a significant level of effort to ensure that these documents were reflective of current University policies.  Prior to 4C engagement, gift planning documentation was prepared from a desktop application using a labor intensive process:

  • Documentation was generated from policy information that had previously been “hard-coded” into the system – users repeatedly changed the same documentation to align with current policy.
  • Approvals were decentralized and cumbersome to manage – relying on externally generated emails with limited visibility throughout the review process.
  • Lack of integration with external systems resulted in repetitive data entry.
  • Limited reporting features resulted in difficulty identifying / retrieving agreements to capture pertinent changes in University Policy.

Hard-coded Information

External Email Generation

Repetitive Data Entry

Limited Reporting Features


4C and client teams worked together to capture specific pain points, mapping a specific workflow and solution that would meet needs.  The output of this process was the design and development of a responsive web application that builds gift planning documents and enables users to perform reviews using mobile devices.  The updated solution is integrated with several external systems and includes a powerful Content Management System where administrative users can capture policy updates without programming support.


Significant reduction in the required time to prepare and process gift planning documents – resulting in greater gift throughput.

Custom Content Management System eliminates the need for continuous document rework resulting from outdated policies captured within the system.

External system integration minimizes data entry efforts – while ensuring consistency across systems.

Mobile device access expedites review process while providing visibility into the review process for pertinent users, improving the quality & consistency of review feedback.

Custom reporting feature allows users to generate & tailor reports to meet needs.