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A Consumer Packaged Goods Company targeting to aggressively expand their market share recognized that- while an indirect/distributor sales model aligned with their operations, this model presented some key challenges to growth – including:

  • Providing limited data regarding retailers purchasing behaviors – which are valued to develop a better understanding of client profiles in support of sales and growth initiatives.
  • Restricting the ability to incentivize specific purchasing behaviors by retailers

Limited Understanding of Retailers & Purchasing Behaviors

Lack of Targeted Trade Promotion Programs


4C teamed with the client to design and build various applications that make up a custom Loyalty Rewards Program for their retailers, including:

  • Tablet optimized application developed for sales staff to directly enroll known – as well as new – retailers into the program.
  • Developed an automated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Process to capture retailer sales volume data from distributors and aggregate in a single target database.
  • Rewards System Administration application built to ensure that project administrators have the flexibility to build and apply promotions based upon criteria as deemed appropriate (geographical, product based, incremental sales volume improvements, etc.)


This program is a key component of the client’s growth initiatives by assisting in the development of a much more detailed client profile used in  sales initiatives, while also providing a means to incentivize existing clients’ behaviors.  Key benefits to the client include:

Visibility into retailer sales volumes – with visibility of purchasing behaviors down to the SKU level.

Ability to build targeted promotions to drive sales based upon important initiatives to the client: Geography, Prior/Current Sales Volume, Incremental Growth, etc.

Application suite serves as a centralized point to access continuously updated sales data for interaction with retailers – and as a point to initiate further engagement with them regarding sales opportunities.