Web Application


Law firm administering mass tort defense services was encountering difficulties with the management, scheduling, and visibility of actions related to case management for mass tort litigation.  The previous solution, a spreadsheet-based solution was slow to update, limited updates to the file to a single point of update at a time, and failed to provide the centralized management necessary to ensure that the client’s needs were being fully represented.

Slow to Update

No Single Point of Integration


4C worked with the client to design and build a responsive web application that could be simultaneously updated by staff as needed.  A custom database design enabled key features of centralized management for the firm.  The ability to enter and retrieve scheduled activities by date was made available to users along with a robust search function and the ability to report and analyze data.


Application eliminated an “Update and Email” workflow that was inefficient and unreliable, allowing users to update data on their own schedules, and in a centralized location.

Granting access to clients ensures that the firm and clients are on the same page regarding progress and plans.

Simple administrative interface allows for easy introduction and management of users.

Application was designed to allow for growth – the addition of other clients is seamless while new types of cases require limited development time to incorporate.