Web Application


Business Intelligence


A consulting firm specialized in residential construction market intelligence needed a modern solution to present their proprietary data to subscription based clients.  The updated suite of applications overcame the following hurdles:

  • The previous solution relied upon out of date technology that did not provide a full range of desired functionality to users, preventing the client from being rightfully positioned as a true technology leader.
  • The level of effort required to ensure that data sets were up-to-date was too great / costly.
  • The existing solution could not provide scalable performance to meet the client’s continued growth.

Out of date technology

Costly Data Status Checking

Not scalable – limiting growth


A suite of applications was developed to support the client’s operations and deliverables:

  • A customized database was designed to capture the intricate details and relationships for proprietary data sets.
  • Detailed, fully customizable reporting outputs were incorporated into a newly designed subscription-based web application that enables users to view and manipulate data on demand.
  • Data warehousing techniques were developed and implemented to facilitate rapid reporting against significant volumes of data.
  • A streamlined solution for manual data entry limits the volume of effort required while mapping data to the newly designed database.


Updated solution is designed for scalable growth – allows for large volumes of data and users- as well as the incorporation of additional functionality and features as appropriate.

Newly designed web application allows users to manipulate and review the proprietary data using methods that were previously unavailable – including the presentation of data in the context of maps as well as the generation of highly customizable reports.